About tax-free shopping

Tax-free shopping is available at the directly managed Mizuno stores below.
Mizuno official online shop (this site),Mizuno official online Rakuten market store,Mizuno official online Yahoo!,and Mizuno directly managed stores other than tax-free stores are not eligible.
Thank you for your understanding. Please check the below for details such as terms of use and precautions when shopping tax free.

Mizuno directly managed stores Tax-free shops




Terms of use

Anyone who meets the following three conditions are eligible for tax-free shopping regardless of status of residence or nationality.

- Purchase amount must be 5,500 yen (5,000 yen excluding tax) or more
- Period of stay in Japan is less than six months
- You must have your passport (with an entry stamp) or the following permits at time of purchase.
- Crew member’s landing permit
- Emergency landing permit
- Landing permit due to distress
- Landing permit for cruise ship tourists

For Japanese customers, those who meet the above conditions and any of the following are eligible for tax-free shopping.

You will need your passport with the return stamp stamped inside.
- Persons working overseas
- Those who have left Japan for the purpose of staying outside the country for two years or more and are staying overseas
-Those who have already stayed abroad for two years or more


- If you use an automatic gate at the time of entry and do not have an entry stamp in your passport, your date of entry into Japan cannot be confirmed, and you will not be eligible for tax-free shopping.

If you are considering tax-free shopping, please ask an Immigration Bureau official for an entry stamp in your passport when you use the automatic gate to enter Japan.

- the total price of goods purchased at other Mizuno directly managed stores cannot be combined for tax-free shopping.

- If you shop tax-free, you must leave Japan within six months from the date of entry.
If you do not take your tax-free purchased goods out of Japan within six months, the goods will be subject to taxation when you leave the country.
- Returns and exchanges for goods purchased tax-free will be accepted at the store of purchase within seven days.