Made for sport Designed for life

1906 年に水野利八が小さなスポーツ用具店を大阪に開いて以来、ミズノはスポーツの発展のためのモノづくりにこだわりぬいてきた。ミズノのモノづくりは常に技術革新とクラフトマンシップの融合によって創業の理念を守り続けている。

Rihachi Mizuno opened his first store in 1906 to share his passion for sports through the gear he and a small team of craftsmen proudly made in Japan . Driven by an uncompromising focus on athletic performance and aware that getting small product designdetails right could make a big difference on the field, every generation of Mizuno products since then has combined meticulous craftsmanship with restless innovation.

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  • MLC 2021SS

革新の伝統のなかで生まれてきた製品に、現代的な解釈をこめてつくりあげるのが、ミズノスポーツスタイル。 アスリートのために培ってきた全てをこめて、新たなスタイルを作り上げる。

Today our Mizuno Sports Style collection extends this legacy of innovation by combining time-honored heritage with a modern sense of style for items that fit your life, the way you want to live it.